Welcome to MOHAMMAD ALSHEHRI GROUP - SAUDI ARABIA COOLING SYSTEMS VOLGA COOLING TECHNOLOGIES / ALSHEHRI INTERNATIONAL GROUP- SAUDI ARABIA / HONG KONG / CHINA : Who We Are? VOLGA REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING - SAUDI ARABIA: One of the leading heat transfer manufacturer/ Supplier in the middle east.VOLGA - HVAC Saudi Arabia: was established in 1999 in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, headquarter in Jeddah and within a short period of time, the company became one of the most successful companies of heat transfer solutions. As the leader in heat transfer business, the company invests it all resources in engineering technology to satisfy all requirements for the climate in our region, which lead to solving the heat problems in a sufficient way. Now We Have Two International Companies In HONG KONG and CHINA , Within a short period, the comprehensive efforts of our high technical expert team, lead the company for the leadership of that field, we are the pioneer in manufacturing, installing, and supporting our clients with the services required for various type of heat transfer units for all types of industries such as: Air conditioning & Refrigeration, cooling stores, marine, automobile, food industries, health and education, commercial centers, hotels, hospitals and many more of fields that involved with heat transfer applications. to provide the best solutions for our clients, with supporting them with our experience of heat transfer best solutions, including our services and maintenance according to their requirements. QUALITY: As we consider the client is one main part of our overheads, we in VOLGA SAUDI Or As Our Known, Famous Name In Saudi Arabia SAUDI ARABIA COOLING TOWER, provide the best quality, our valued supplier provide and ensure us with the best quality of raw materials, Raw materials supplied from the European community with high specifications and best technology of producing the raw materials. ACHIEVEMENTS: Being one of the best manufacturing companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have been able to repair or replace parts of the whole system to the entire satisfaction of our customers….. Our Excellent expertise, experienced engineering work team & skilled workmanship have a proven track record in the fields of manufacturing, installation, maintenance, services & commissioning of all type of industrial, commercial and domestic use of Heat Transfer Units. We have done several delicate prestigious & valuable challenging projects with well known local & international organizations in the air conditioning and refrigeration. Volga Saudi فولجا السعودية أبراج التبريد is the largest manufacturer, Trader, And Supplier of Cooling Systems – Cooling Tower, Heat Exchanger, Cooling Coils, Process Chillers And Refrigeration and Air conditioning, having exports to over 13 countries around the world, including North Africa & GCC Countries. Our Product range includes the advanced Cooling Tower, Evaporative Condenser, Heat Exchanger, Cooling Coils and Chillers, rugged Reciprocating Chillers as well as Customized Chillers, precisely designed and made as per the peculiar process cooling applications, some of them being Brine Chillers, Oil Chillers, Gas liquefaction Chillers, Batching Chillers, Cascade Chillers, Hazardous area Chillers etc. We have accredited through various prominent international organizations for the management as well as engineering processes and are approved through various prestigious consultants and certifying bodies for the specific process cooling applications across the world. As specialists in the refrigeration industry, we provide solutions for almost all the segments, through the widest range of technologies in fluid compression as well as the largest capacity and temperature ranges. We manufacture our products from three modern and equipped manufacturing facilities, one in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong And Guangzhou – China. And we Are Supply All Types Of Cooling Systems Tools, Equipment And Refrigeration and Air-conditioning. Please Go To Our Products Pages To Get All Details Of Our Products VOLGA - HVAC / MOHAMMAD ALSHEHRI GROUP. SAUDI ARABIA. ALSHEHRI INTERNATIONAL GROUP. HONG KONG / CHINA more

Our vision

In MOHAMMAD ALSHEHRI GROUP WITH VOLGA REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING - SAUDI ARABIA We have made many prestigious and prestigious projects with well-known local and international organizations in air conditioning and refrigeration. Our vision is to maintain excellence. Through its incomparable service and value added, builds up to be the most reliable and dynamic business partner in the region . more

Our Value

We carry out our corporate purpose, “We Must Manufacturing/ Supply And Support for a sustainable future For Our Customers by pursuing ambitious targets along our entire value chain. In this way, we aim to achieve profitable growth and take on social and environmental responsibility. VOLGA REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING - SAUDI ARABIA We are focusing on issues where we as a company can make a significant contribution. more

Our Mission

Support our client – By providing service that is “Above the Expectation” Fostering a positive and welcoming environment with open communication, and cooperation for all. Utilizing and promoting the further growth of our clients well-being by providing a Products With High Quality And Best Prices. In Volga VOLGA REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING - SAUDI ARABIA Cooling Saudi Arabia / Al Shehri Group Our success in fulfilling this mission will be measured by an ever increasing referral base and an on-going satisfaction and loyalty. more


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Our Trading Division In Mohammad Alshehri Group By Our Branch In HONG KONG & China- Guangzhou we...


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The Group owns 50% of Mohammad Al-Shehri and Rasheed Jamjoom Industries (MARCOOL INDUSTRIES COMPANY...



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Sada Al-Ajal Newspaper

Sada Al-Ajal Newspaper Marcool Opening 2nd Factory الرئيسية – الاخبار المحلية – ماركول للصناعة تدشن مصنعها الثاني في جدة سعيد العجل(صدى): دشن الدكتور محمد مشعمل الشهري رئيس مجلس إدارة شركة محمد الشهري ورشيد جمجوم مصنع جديد لإنتاج المبادلات الحرارية العملاقة وأجزاء المكثفات والمبخرات وملفات التبريد الصناعي وذلك للتوسع في التصدير إلى أسواق المنطقة العربية […]

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Kharjhome NewsPaper; Dr.

kharjhome NewsPaper; Dr. Mohammad Alshehri Opens 2nd Factory In Jeddah Industrial City أخبار محلية > ماركول للصناعة تدشن مصنعها الثاني في مدينة جدة. ماركول للصناعة تدشن مصنعها الثاني في مدينة جدة. +=- الخرج اليوم – سعود الضحوك : دشن الدكتور محمد مشعمل الشهري رئيس مجلس ادارة شركة محمد الشهري ورشيد جمجوم مصنع جديد لإنتاج المبادلات […]

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صحيفة الشرق: ماركول

Home > News > MARCOOL INDUSTRIES LAUNCHES ITS SECOND FACTORY IN JEDDAH MARCOOL INDUSTRIES LAUNCHES ITS SECOND FACTORY IN JEDDAH ماركول للصناعة تدشن مصنعها الثاني في مدينة جدة الدكتور محمد مشعمل الشهري ٢٠١٧/١٠/١ @ ٦:٠٤ م جدة – رائد العنزي دشن رئيس مجلس ادارة شركة محمد الشهري ورشيد جمجوم، الدكتور محمد مشعمل الشهري، مصنع […]

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