MOHAMMAD ALSHEHRI GROUP: We Are The Leader Of This Business In Saudi Arabia, We Are Partner And Agent Of VOLGA COOLING TECHNOLOGIES, USA. are leading exporters, Suppliers and Manufacturers of all types of cooling towers in 13 Countries Over The World And This Website For VOLGA COOLING TOWER Saudi Arabia & GCC Countries, We at VOLGA Cooling Tower having more than 12 years of experience in the field of cooling tower. We are located in United States Of America As Head Office And Our Branch In Saudi Arabia By VOLGA COOLING TOWER/ MOHAMMAD ALSHEHRI GROUP, Jeddah SAUDI ARABIA. Hong Kong Branch, - HONG KONG. & CHINA Branch - Guangzhou City. We established in the year of 2007 and we are member with Cooling Technology Institute USA (CTI). Our designing and development departments are regularly updated with world standards by CTI membership. VOLGA – HVAC are exporting of cooling towers for all types of industries in Saudi Arabia, GCC Countries, Meddle East & North Africa Area. VOLGA COOLING TOWER SPARE PARTS: Since 2008 we are offering proven range of Steel, G.R.P and F.R.P cooling towers. And we also deal in Installing, repairing and upgrading of old towers besides the activity of new construction of towers by using advanced USA, technology to yield better results. While doing all these tasks, we also Manufacturing our products and And provide some Parts by Our Approved Trusted Of VOLGA COOLING TECHNOLOGIES Supplyer and we hold a large stock of spare parts In USA, SAUDI ARABIA, KUWAIT, BAHRAIN, OMAN, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and allied products for almost every make of cooling towers. Our wide range of durable and efficient replacement spares is readily available ex-stock. VOLGA COOLING TECHNOLOGIES Cooling Towers are designed to give a long and trouble-free life with simple maintenance procedures. We understand the importance of the spare part management. Therefore the availability of high-quality spare parts plays a vital role on manufacturer’s part. Our Cooling Tower's parts management services assure you of right part at right time, together with a range of value added services. We are very much competent to provide premium quality spare parts to our clients. List of Volga spare parts: Cooling Tower Motor We supply cooling tower motors of some of the reputed brands. These motors have been designed and produced with precision to caary out hassel-free long service life. These special and extended shaft flange mounted motors do not contain any fan for cooling. The motors are cooled by means of air discharge by the CT fan. Sprinkler Auto rotating sprinklers are made up of aluminium/nylon/SS or brass material. These are fitted with non clogging perforated branch pipes. Sprinkler rotates by reaction forces and distributes the water evenly over the entire area of the fills/packings. Cooling Tower Fan The axial flow direct driven fans are specially designed for cooling tower use. They are made of special cast aluminium blades and hub. They provide a large volume of static air at low pressure, while maintaining desired low noice level. Blades are adjustable to change the angle to achive desired air quantity. Fills (Infill) Our fills are made of virgin rigid PVC films, which are vaccum formed in the shape and design of honey comb. The honeycomb construction ensures even distribution of water to achieve maximum heat exchange. The design also provides larger wetted surface area for high efficiency water to air heat transfer. Drift Eliminator Drift eliminators are available in various shapes, designs and material depending on the usage and application. Eliminators are of many types, such as PVC Honey comb, Plastic extruded sections, C section, S Type etc. to ensure the maximum carry over losses. Casing Cooling tower casing are made of G.R.P, F.R.P non-rusting fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) material And GI Steel which are light weight, durable and non-corrosive. The volatile nature of FRP and appropriate structural strength provide an additional margin of safety during high wind velocity and vibrations. It is resistant to local impacts and even if damage is sustained, local repair can easily be done. Basin Basin Are made of tough and light weight FRP material, Stainless Steel and GI Steel which Are completely leak proof. The basins avoids any possibility of spillage or seapage of water. Deep auxiliary suction tank is provided to ensure maximum water level at all times. Corporate Member of CTI USA (Cooling Technology Institute USA) VOLGA COOLING TECHNOLOGIES, - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. VOLGA COOLING TOWER / MOHAMMAD ALSHEHRI GROUP, - SAUDI ARABIA. VOLGA - HVAC / ALSHEHRI INTERNATIONAL GROUP, - HONG KONG